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Best Flooring in Mumbai

Flooring are available in a variety of designs, thicknesses and textures for different applications for both residential and commercial use. These tiles, strips and planks are flexible asbestos-free vinyl floors that are offered with a combination of elegance, warmth, charm and richness of natural products such as wood and marble. 0.3 mm which gives the product excellent abrasion resistance. Stilex tiles and planks also have a UV coating with a matte finish to protect color discoloration and also provide a dust-repellent surface for easy maintenance.

They are ideal for installation in any residential, commercial and public area like offices, restaurants, commercial areas, schools, elevators, etc., where a less maintenance and sophisticated looking floor solution is required. It is highly recommended that 1.5 mm products are not used in high commercial areas where a heavy traffic load is expected.

It is important to place an entrance mat to prevent outside dust from entering. Any food spillage should be cleaned immediately with a general non-abrasive cleaner. Regular cleaning with a dry vacuum cleaner or mop is recommended. When mopping the floor with water, care must be taken to ensure that water does not seep through the joints.